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Posted May 22, 2017 seventeen minutes ago, .ghoti. said: Before you decide to just go away, remedy an issue for us. Is there a little curl at the conclusion of your line after a break off? That could reveal the knot broke. No curl signifies the road broke somewhere besides the knot. That will help in figuring out the condition. If it takes place all over again, rinse off the road perfectly, and run it in between your lips and more than your tongue. You could truly feel abrasion this way that you simply cant see. Alao, what manufacturer fluoro are you making use of. Some are more liable to knot hurt, some are more prone to abrasion complications, plus some are only not very good line.

Posted May possibly 22, 2017 Yea at the price of Jerkbaits you detest to get rid of them,Two things arrive at mine, When sinching down your knot make shure you moisten the road,and don't overtighten the knot,secure the knot ,but Will not definitely pull down on the line to the point you extend the florocarbon .

Most situations I guard my location 'Xs' with more diligence than most, but I'm significantly less worried about revealing The situation of some spots than some Other individuals. The reason is very simple, most fishermen won't shell out the time and trouble anchoring in only the best location.

My second question could well be, did you have got your drag locked down? With 10# fluor and two knots, some adjustment from the drag may be desired, to compensate for that crushing strikes you happen to be getting. Just my two cents. My negative, Viper conquer me and answered my initially concern. Share this publish

Posted May 31, 2017 17 several hours ago, jtesch stated: I've experienced problems with an enormous hook set With any slack in the road. Fluoro does not respond very well to your unexpected shock of a giant slack line hook set. I've snapped clean eighteen# leaders in 50 percent since I used to be to intense and didn't reel up slack.

Line Visibility The value of line-visibility cannot be proven, therefore The controversy will rage on eternally. Personally, we’ve been tying braided line straight to our lures from Florida to Canada, and we have observed that there's no lack of fish of all species with very poor vision

Personally, I do not use braid with jerkbaits, and as a result of the character of jerkbait hooks, my drag is set very light. Share this put up

Dearer rods possess the blank heading all of the way through. The dearer by means of-the-cope with rods are certainly fixable. Eliminate any cap or obstruction in the butt end in the broken rod. Try to be in the position to see the graphite or fiberglass end of the rod blank.

Posted Could 22, 2017 (edited) Rolo's recommendation is a good 1. My to start with query could well be, did the break occur in the entice link, or for the knot connecting the two two lines? Depending on your declaring that you just make use of a Palomar knot, my assumption would be the knot is breaking in the entice relationship. When you've got utilised the Palomar for 30 a long time without difficulty you naturally know how to tie it and Should your set up, rod, line, and leader is the same as you've made use of successfully in the past for jerk bait fishing, both the leader product has gone lousy, or you have gotten into some larger sized (more powerful) fish than normal.

Posted May well 22, 2017 fourteen minutes in the past, livin2fish mentioned: Rolo's suggestion is a good one. My initially concern would be, did the break manifest in the entice link, or in the knot connecting the two two strains? Depending on your stating that you simply utilize a Palomar knot, my assumption is the knot is breaking in the lure connection. When you've got applied the Palomar for 30 a long time effortlessly you certainly know how to tie it and If the setup, rod, line, and leader is similar to you have got utilised effectively in the past for jerk bait fishing, possibly the chief content has long gone negative, or you may have gotten into some much larger (more powerful) fish than typical.

The one way to test your line for This really is to appear carefully. If it has a washboard type pattern on it, like the image over, it's broken.

I am using thirty# braid to a 10# fluorocarbon chief. I've Considering that the last break off switched to 12# to discover if maybe it had been just the road. I'm not performing a tough hook established I'm undertaking the sweeping motion even so the strikes are already very pretty difficult. Oh I Nearly forgot to mention I was using the Palomar knot And that i have not experienced this problem in in excess of advice 30 several years with that knot so I did not Consider thats the trouble but it could be. Another Suggestions on what might have triggered the random break offs? Share this put up

by Cryhyukhdf So pleasurable and addicting...this video game should be as common as all Those people stupid video games like offended birds and bejeweled !!! So glad you'll be able to place the "schooling " in to get coins and enhance your gear and buy bait. No ought to use serious revenue.

A recent analyze by Carleton University in Canada tackled the query of what comes about to fish that break you off, and The solution has become discovered, at the very least with regard to northern pike.

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